Nights is the project I started together with Filippo Cecconi, Edoardo Ciaralli, Paolo Gabriotti, Tommaso Gatti and Filippo Tappi. The project has as its fulcrum in a robot that, randomly moving through the space, transcribes on the floor texts of nocturnal inspiration. The texts will be specially produced by different writers from time to time. Each exhibition event is therefore an opportunity for the production of a new text, which will go over time to form an online archive. The aim of the project is to create a bridge between the visual arts and contemporary literature, transforming the robot into a sort of nomadic publishing platform. The prologue of this saga took place in August 2019 in Timisoara, in the non-profit space Lapsus. On this occasion, the robot is still absent. A section of the wall has been cut out, on the back are laser engraved the first words of an entity whose nature is not specified. At the end of the exhibition, the engraved wall section will be put back in place, thus sealing the text inside the wall indefinitely. The first appearance of the robot will take place in the first chapter, currently being worked on.

Prolog, Timisoara, 2019

Baitbaill, Polignano a Mare, 2020