TRIPLA is the non-profit space that I founded and managed together with Filippo Cecconi between 2016 and 2019. The space consisted of three large windows on the street, lit 24/7 and unaccessible. The particularity of its architectural conformation allowed us to work continuously on the idea of display and site-specific, collaborating with artists from all over the world and sometimes creating projects ourselves, both in terms of curatorial format and content. To describe the space we have elaborated the definition of analogical blog: a flat and physical display at the same time, within which the objects, in continuous alternation, become two-dimensional and intangible images.

ù, Paolo Bufalini, Filippo Cecconi, 2018
The intervention, realized on the occasion of Live Arts Week VII, consisted in the physical removal of the windows for the entire duration of the festival (5 days). “ù” is the closest button to Enter on PC keyboards. The title alludes to an error in the script, an error in the programming of the display that causes a temporary opening, exposing the interior of the space, left to itself, to any eventuality.

Palaraum is a permanent intervention at Raum, Bologna, realized in consequence of ù. One of the windows removed possessed a double glass: it was preserved to make a sort of stele, on which is engraved with hydrofluoric acid an allegorical story about the process that brought him there and the history of TRIPLA.