Land of Nod, 2023
online/IRL project curated by Treti Galaxie

The starting point of Land of Nod is the recording of biometric data (breathing rate, heart rate, body movements) of my partner, Federica, during sleep. The recording, made through a wearable biomedical device, provides a report, a sort of portrait in data form, then recorded and marketed as NFT. The process was documented through a photograph taken with a view camera, in collaboration with photographer Marcello Galvani. Produced in two versions - contact print and print from digital scanning brought to the actual size of the depicted subject - the photograph constitutes the physical part of the project. Land of Nod thus consists of an edition of NFT, titled The Sleep, and the two versions of the photograph, titled The Sleeper and The Sleeper (life-size). The fruition of the NFT, a three-page pdf file, is restricted to buyers. The project is accompanied by a sci-fi text by Treti Galaxie, titled From the Dream Experiments Collection.

The Land of Nod, from which the project takes its title, is a place mentioned in the Book of Genesis (4: 16), located “on the east of Eden”, where Cain was exiled by the Lord after the murder of his brother Abel. Often described as a dark place, dwelt by monsters and beasts, the Land of Nod was also reported by the Christian scholar Origen as a place that symbolizes the condition of all those who abandon God.

Later, being in the Land of Nod took on the idiomatic meaning of being asleep, and gradually lost its somber connotation. It is precisely this combination of serenity and nightmare that piqued my interest.

Land of Nod is commissioned by OmniArtVerse and has been realized thanks to the support of FAB Foundation

Graphic design: Studio Visivo (Marco Casella, Mattia Pajè)


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1-3 The Sleeper, 2022, contact c-print from 4x5” negative on Fuji Chrystal Archive papaer, 36x27x3cm (framed)
4-6 The Sleeper (life-size), 2022, inkjet print on baryta paper Canson II 103,5x130x4,5cm
7-9 The Sleep, 2022, pdf file, 0,99 kb (blurred) 
10 Graphic design

Ph: Manuel Montesano