Condylura01, 2021
journals (edition of 100) made up from a photo series made by me and my mother in 2001, during a journey in the US (Washington D.C., Vermont, NYC)
project curated by Paolo Gabriotti and Davide Visintainer

“...An old album containing photos of a trip to the United States, found by the artist in the attic of his childhood home. Yet, these pictures have too many correspondences with Paolo Bufalini’s artistic practice: it is tempting to speak of a distant attraction for animal and technological otherness, but their resurface disturbes a linear cause-effect narrative, opening to a plot of temporal paradoxes.
A weird tale in still-images, with time travels that rewrite the consequentiality of events. Among the many eyes, one may also count the redwood section, an enormous pupil, plunging its roots in the abyss of time. It may be a wormhole, with a young argonaut posing in front of it, ready to see what will always have already been...”
Paolo Gabriotti, Davide Visintainer (text excerpt)



1 Condylura01
2 Me behind a sarcophagus, 2001, Metropolitan Museum, New York, Luisa Prayer

Ph: Stefano Gabriotti