Proposal, 2020
velvet pillowcases, arduino, xbee modules, 3d print, cotton, foam, two elements 50x50x20cm each

Video:, MAMbo, Bologna, Fabbri-Schenker Projects, London, MON viewing room, Turin

The movement of the two pillows, synchronized by xbee cards, simulates a regular, slow and silent breathing. The idea of the work is precisely to transfer the rhythm of sleep from the body to the object, and to stage an ideally infinite repetition, harmonious as well as alien in its unnatural perfection.

Press & books:

2023 Studio Visit - Marco Scotti x La Quadriennale di Roma 
2023 Espoarte #121, Matteo Galbiati
2022 Interview - Artribune, Saverio Verini
2022 Studio Visit - ATP Diary, Giulia Gaibisso
2022 Artribune #68, Saverio Verini
2021 Inside Art #122, Eleonora Bruni
2021 Nuovo Forno del Pane. A logbook, Edizioni MAMbo


2022 emERgenze contempoRanEE (permanent), Museo della Città, Rimini, curated by Cristina Ambrosini, Claudia Collina, Giovanni Sassu
2022 MON viewing room (solo), Turin
2022 A Paradise for the Smiling Alligators, Mura Urbiche, Lecce, curated by BeAdvisors
2022 Forget me not (duo w/ Allistair Walter), Fabbri-Schenker Projects, London
2020 Martedì (solo), Localedue, Bologna, curated by Filippo Tappi and Gabriele Tosi


1-2 2020, MAMbo, Bologna, Nuovo Forno del Pane
3-4 2022, Fabbri-Schenker Projects, London
5-7 2022 MON viewing room, Turin

Ph&videos: Manuel Montesano, Luke Walker

Paolo Bufalini artista artist art arte mambo bologna nuovo forno del pane cuscini pillowsPaolo Bufalini artista artist art arte mambo bologna nuovo forno del pane cuscini pillows