Y (Luca), 2023
borosilicate glass, hydrochloric acid, water, milk tooth 48x80x1,8cm

“The work consists of a borosilicate glass container whose shape resembles a divining rod and whose finish is reminiscent of laboratory glasswork. Inside is a milk tooth immersed in a corrosive acid. Over an indefinite period of time, the acid will consume the tooth until it disappears. The work induces a perception of time in a transformative sense: the baby’s tooth, an object of affection that symbolizes childhood, while still present, is subjected to a chemical process of progressive dematerialization.”
Tommaso Gatti




2023 Data Mining, duo exhibition w/ Lorenzo Lunghi, La Rada, Locarno, curated by Tommaso Gatti & Yimei Zhang

Ph: Tiziano Ercoli & Riccardo Giancola