Fruits, 2023-

Series of ephemeral works with tattooed fruits. The fruits can take different configurations depending on the exhibition design. Each work takes its title from the tattooed words, forming a strange list of traumas and problems to exorcise.




1-6 Installtion views at Data Mining, 2023, La Rada, Locarno
2-3  Self-doubt, Sex-addiction, Anorexia, 2023, glass and steel table, tattooed Kanzi apples 75x34x50cm
4   Anger, Ex-boyfriend, Depression, Paranoia, 2023 glass and steel table, tattooed Kaiser pears 75x34x50cm
5-6 Liar, Abuser, Compulsion, Addiction, Anger, Abuser, Paranoia, Self-doubt, Compulsion, Abuser, Ex-girlfriend, 2023, wicker basket, tattooed Kaiser pears, Kanzi and Pinova apples, 55x55x65cm


2023 Data Mining, duo exhibition w/ Lorenzo Lunghi, La Rada, Locarno, curated by Tommaso Gatti & Yimei Zhang

Ph: Tiziano Ercoli & Riccardo Giancola