Untitled, 2021
velvet pillowcases, arduino, xbee modules, 3d print, cotton, foam, ten elements 50x50x20cm each

A group of pillows, equipped with an internal mechanism, simulates synchronic, slow and regular breathing. Like a silent chorus, the group seems to be immersed in a suspended time based on telepathic connection. The work reflects my interest in the entanglements between magic thinking and the perturbing potential of the machinic. While the apparent spontaneity of the movement hints at an animistic conception of the object - the inanimate object as a vessel for a breath of life, as the perpetuation of an immaterial presence - the repetition reveals the rigidity of the computer code and the simulacral nature of the device.




2022 Casting the Castle III -  They Repeat Themselves Constantly, but Do Not Create a Sense of Habit, Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Umbertide (PG), curated by Saverio Verini
2021 Peng on the Beach, Circolo Tennis Italia, Bologna, curated by Xing

Ph&videos: Manuel Montesano