Home, 2023
contact c-print from 4x5” negative on Fuji Chrystal Archive papaer, 36x27x3cm (framed)

About twelve or thirteen years ago my mother came home with a tableau depicting four hearts and hung it in the kitchen. It is an object that has always caught my attention - for its dissonance with the other furnishings, and for the sentimentalism it expresses, almost obscene, tender. Going through numerous removals and different placements, it has slowly taken root in my imagination as a kind of domestic icon, a synaptic shortcut for a set of feelings that is hard to define - melancholy, affection, guilt. I wanted to portray it as I happened to see it one day, on the veranda. This seemingly marginal placement actually reaffirmed its power - it was still there.


Cuore (solo), 2023, MarktStudio, Bologna

Ph. Carlo Favero